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Email Experts Series: DMARC to protect your brand and customers

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Our next entry in the 250ok Email Experts Series finds our experts discussing DMARC, a validation tool we hold in very high regard. Adoption of DMARC is growing across industries, and with the US government mandate that all federal agencies apply a p=reject DMARC policy by October 16 of this year, it’s clear this method of authentication is here to stay. Our Experts break down what that is, what DMARC does, and how you can use it for your organization in our new video.

We posted ALL the episodes via mp3 on Soundcloud and Stitcher, but for our friends who love video (hey there!), we’ll see you back here in two weeks.

Scroll down for important timestamps and bios of our Experts.

Total Run Time: 18 minutes

00:30 – What is the DMARC standard?
2:20 – How DMARC builds off DKIM and SPF
3:30 – Things to consider when implementing a DMARC record
5:20 – Reporting and visibility aspects
6:14 – How to create a DMARC record
7:00 – Understanding the three unique DMARC policy settings
8:10 – Risk and power of DMARC, what to know first
9:40 – How DMARC can improve deliverability and email performance
12:05 – Walking through the technical pieces of a DMARC record
14:30 – Future of DMARC; new BIMI standardization

About our Experts:

Anthony Chiulli: With more than a decade of email experience, Anthony embraces educating and advising email marketers on the latest trends and insights within the email industry as director of product marketing. Before joining 250ok, Anthony served in a number of leadership roles at Salesforce.

Brandon Dingae: Brandon brings more than 15 years of email experience, including time at ESPs and competitors, to his role as VP of partnerships, where he oversees all ESP, agency, and other relationships to ensure 250ok is a cooperative, valued part of a healthy email ecosystem.

Matthew Vernhout: Matthew is a digital messaging industry veteran and Certified International Privacy Professional (CIPP) with more than a decade of experience in email marketing. Matt is 250ok’s Director of Privacy, and he is currently the Vice Chair of the eec, after serving for several years as the Chair of their Advocacy Subcommittee.