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Did you know more 45 percent of all new CRM entries are duplicates? A CRM that’s bogged down with duplicates can lead to serious financial losses and productivity issues. Watch this episode for quick hacks to help you defeat duplicates once and for all.

Episode Highlight:

(10:42) Learn how to set up your dedupe strategy and fine-tune matching and merging rules.

Think moving data in and out of Salesforce is simple? Think again. Different file types, non-standardized data, and inconsistent data fields across Salesforce objects create headaches and slow down the data mapping process. Tune into this episode for expert tips for developing a better import strategy.

Episode Highlight:

(9:48) Learn the issue 63 percent of CRM professionals face as they move data between systems.

It can feel impossible to keep data updated and accurate—especially when modifying records one by one. But with the right strategy, CRM users can quickly bulk-update data in various scenarios and uncover valuable customer insights. Tune in to learn more!

Episode Highlight:

(10:44 ) Real-life use case: Learn how mass modification tools can help you set up and execute a customer loyalty campaign.