[Data In Sight] Expert Hacks for Moving Data In and Out of Salesforce

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Think moving data in and out of Salesforce is simple? Think again.

Different file types, non-standardized data, and inconsistent data fields across Salesforce objects create unnecessary headaches and slow down the data mapping process.

Not to mention one wrong move can significantly damage your data quality, lose your data altogether, and ultimately, hurt your bottom line. That’s why it’s crucial to have a plan before you start moving data around.

There’s just one question: How can you ensure this plan is bulletproof?

Watch April’s episode of Data In Sight as Validity’s in-house data experts Janelle Pelletier and Certified Salesforce Administrator Olivia Hinkle reveal expert hacks for developing an effective import strategy.

As part of this quick, 35-minute session, you’ll learn:

  • Expert hacks for effortlessly moving data in and out of Salesforce
  • Quick tips for preventing errors, data loss, and other common mistakes made during the import process
  • A live walkthrough of DemandTools V, focusing on the key features you’ll need to confidently import data in less time