[Data In Sight] Defeating Duplicates: Top Hacks Every Salesforce User Needs To Know

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Is duplicate data keeping you from achieving your goals in 2023?

In today’s tough economic climate, data quality is more important than ever. Businesses are relying on CRM data to increase customer retention, boost engagement, and drive success.

But Validity data shows 48 percent of businesses feel duplicate data seriously impairs their ability to fully leverage their CRM system!

For quick hacks to help you defeat duplicates, maintain high-quality data, and drive success in 2023, watch on-demand Validity’s in-house data experts Alex Korpita and Olivia Hinkle on this episode of Data in Sight.

They’ll teach you:

  • Expert hacks to help you dedupe data like a pro
  • The top ways duplicate data is created in the first place (and how to prevent it)
  • Quick tips to help you save time and boost productivity
  • Which DemandTools features are key to defeating duplicates easily and in less time