State of Email Live [APAC] – Email in 2023 – Trends, Tactics & Tips

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Email marketing never stands still, and this year is no exception.

Global volumes have doubled over the past three years, and tough economic conditions mean the fight for consumer loyalty and share of wallet has become much harder. Meanwhile, the AI revolution is changing the rules of marketing before our eyes.

Fortunately, we have our finger on the pulse of all these trends.

In this special APAC edition of State of Email Live, Rachael Hooper, Head of Marketing at Tall Bob, and Alex Coussy, Head of CRM Marketing at Camilla Australia, joined Guy Hanson to discuss the latest developments in the world of email and how they impact Australian senders.

Watch on-demand recording for brand-new research and expert commentary on global email deliverability (including benchmarks by industry), the state of SMS marketing, and outbound customer communication trends in Australian markets.

Other discussion points include:

  • The hottest topics shaping email marketing and how Australian senders should respond
  • Global deliverability trends and Australia-specific benchmarks
  • Tips to build an SMS program that complements the email channel—and pitfalls to avoid
  • ChatGPT’s impact on sourcing email copy and creative, and how email service providers are integrating this capability