Email Metrics: What Does Great Look Like?

The email channel is prized for its measurability: senders assess their program performance through deliverability, open and click rates, which in turn impacts the ROI generated.

In this webinar, we will be launching the DMA’s Email Benchmark 2021 report, sponsored by Validity. Based on reported data from a cross-section of major ESPs, it provides a definitive yardstick for these KPIs, showing year-on-year variances, split out by B2B vs B2C, as well as major industry sectors.

Join Anna Frigerio at the DMA for expert commentary on the drivers behind the shifts in email performance. Your chance to measure up against peers and competitors!

Also joining the panel, global cybersecurity specialist and Validity’s partner, Vade. Ensure your message gets delivered with a spam filtering masterclass from Guillaume Séjourné and Stéphane Decamps.

Attendees will learn:
  • The impact the pandemic had on email’s most important KPIs, and which sectors were the biggest winners and losers
  • Why delivery and deliverability are not the same thing
  • How open rates will be impacted by restrictions on pixel tracking
  • Why click-throughs are not the only way of responding to emails
  • How to not look like a spammer by knowing the worst sending practices to avoid