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The Wait is Over: Introducing Everest, the Newest Email Success Platform from Validity

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It’s here.

After months of hard work in one of the strangest and challenging years experienced, we’ve combined (and improved) the best features of the two industry-leading email deliverability technologies to create the premier email success platform.

Meet Everest.

Custom Main Dashboard with Date Picker

MyEverest Custom Dashboard

With Everest, users benefit from exclusive data feeds, access to the largest data network in the industry, and widespread integration and support within the email ecosystem. All this, on top of the most critical features of the Return Path and 250ok platforms. Together, Everest allows email marketers to get more mail delivered, and more customers engaged, creating a powerful solution for businesses relying on the email channel.

Pre-send Checks

Get peace of mind before you hit “send,” which is, as we all know, the most nerve-wracking part of the job. Start with list validation to protect your sender reputation by verifying the addresses on your lists aren’t dead, wrong, or dangerous before mailing them. Use the design features to render your email creative on dozens of the top devices and clients your recipients are using,and weight the results based on the composition of your actual lists to focus on the devices mattering most to your campaigns. Set up BIMI, ensure your DMARC record is configured properly, and get help using Gmail’s new Annotations capabilities. Plus, the new competitive intelligence feature gives you visibility into your what competitors are doing well, including message samples, subject lines, creative inspiration, and best practices.

Pre-Flight Spam Test

Pre-flight Spam Test

In-flight Optimization

Use Validity’s exclusive partnership with Verizon Media to deliver your email to Verizon mailbox users (including, Yahoo, and more) in the top positions, right when the user is active in the mailbox. Plus, harness the power of Certification, the only sending practices program preserving your high inbox placement rate at top mailbox providers, so you can drive more ROI from your email channel. And like many email marketers have come to rely on from both Return Path and 250ok, with Everest you’ll get improved seed testing using Optimized Seed Testing and enhanced data from SmartSeeds.

Inbox Placement Data

Inbox Placement Insights

Post-flight Monitoring

Even though the email is out the door, the party doesn’t stop. Use Everest to get the greatest visibility into the foundation of your email sender reputation, with our industry-leading trap network and our data partnerships with leading mailbox providers, filtering companies, and all key blocklist operators. Everest will also give you deeper engagement analytics than your email service provider can provide, plus link up other data streams like Google Postmaster Tools, to give you a comprehensive and contextual picture of your deliverability. You can also draw on the combined decades of email expertise from our Everest deliverability pros, which can really come in clutch when you’re either in the thick of an issue or see one on the horizon.

Engagement Dashboard

Engagement Analytics

Reputation Dashboard

Reputation Monitoring

The peak of email performance doesn’t have to feel like a daunting, unachievable climb. With the right gear (Everest, of course) and the right guides (us, again, of course), you can reach new heights in email marketing. Considering it’s more important now than ever, what are you waiting for? Let’s get cracking.