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The Best Mother’s Day Email I Ever Received

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It’s time once again to celebrate the mother of all holidays, Mother’s Day! Just how important is this day for mothers…and retailers? According to research by, an estimated $20.7 billion dollars was spent on Mother’s Day last year for the 85.4 million moms in the US. On average, American consumers spend $168.94 on mom for Mother’s Day (hey, she’s worth it!) and 28.5 percent of gifts for mom are purchased online.

With so many retailers and shoppers eager to provide mom with the perfect gift, Return Path’s Professional Services Team for North America selected a few  of our favorite Mother’s Day emails which represent a variety of engaging and effective message tactics.

Alexandra Braunstein
Sender: Ahava
Subject Line: Mother’s Day is May 8th! Shop gifts for mom

Ahava’s subject line immediately caught my attention by including the date of Mother’s Day, making me realize the day was quickly approaching and reminding me to start purchasing my gifts. The email layout includes an eye-catching product image as well as a product review. Incorporating user-generated reviews into content is a clever and powerful strategy since many people base their purchasing decisions on feedback from other customers.
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Casey Swanton
Sender: Gymboree
Subject Line: It’s your day, Mom!

In a sea of campaigns that position products for Mother’s Day gift giving, this campaign stood out. It was targeted to mothers (rather than for them) in celebration of their special day, acknowledging them in their role without commodifying it. The opportunity to shop was still available, but not the focus, helping to forge a stronger brand relationship with a primary audience for them.
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Henry Gutierrez
Sender: Discount Mugs
Subject Line: Get Your Mother’s Day Gifts on Time with our Guaranteed Delivery!

I like that the subject line mentions time and delivery. Let’s face it; most people do these things last minute so that already got my attention. Above the fold, and unseen in the static picture here, the animated mug toggles between different designs. A dynamic touch is always eye-catching. Below the fold, you’ll find products you’re able to personalize, which already feature potential Mother’s Day graphics and pictures. I also really like that the social networking sites are featured at the top.
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Laura Christensen
Sender: Kate Spade
Subject Line: Because every mom needs backup

Kate Spade immediately grabbed my attention with a subject line that answered the question “why should I open this email?” Email copy and design work together to effectively communicate that Kate Spade bags are both pretty and practical, whether you’re buying a gift for mom, or for yourself. There are also multiple, relevant call-to-action prompts including a cross-sell for kids’ clothes and a free-gift-with-purchase promotional incentive to compel clickthrough and conversion.
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Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten dear ole’ dad! Be sure to check back next month for a review of the best Father’s Day emails to reach our inboxes.