Sales Productivity

Mastering Your Sales Pipeline and Forecast Accuracy

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The ability of your sales team to meet its quotas and your company to increase its revenue is directly tied to how successful you are at managing the sales pipeline and making accurate sales forecasts. Are your predictions making this possible, or are you missing critical steps that could build long-term success?

Important Factors in Sales Success

With pipeline management and sales forecasting at the core of everything you do in sales, we wanted to help you improve those processes and leverage strategies the experts have used to build more revenue. To that end, we interviewed sales leaders – from small business executives, to Vice Presidents at high-tech software empires – to learn what they consider to be the most effective habits to employ when managing pipelines and predicting sales. We’ve collected those conversations to bring you their top seven habits in A Complete Guide to Forecasting and Pipeline Management with Tips from Top Sales Executives.

Overcoming CRM Challenges for Sales Teams

We also explored the four toughest CRM challenges for sales leaders. For example, when sales teams become frustrated with time-consuming data management tasks and start bypassing the CRM, important sales updates don’t make it into the system. Sales data becomes insufficient and incomplete, leading to inaccuracies in the pipeline and forecast, as well as business decisions being made based on faulty information. How do you overcome such challenges? As a bonus, we’ve included a checklist at the end our guide to help you “Overcome the Four Challenges to a Successful CRM.”

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