Go Beyond Email Verification for More High-Quality Contact Data

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If you’ve used our email list verification services or enterprise-ready email verification API, you already know how easy and valuable it is to ensure email address accuracy with BriteVerify. But now, Validity has expanded the BriteVerify platform with features that go beyond email verification. Now, you can:

  • Verify phone numbers in the US and Canada
  • Leverage the USPS CASS™ certified database to validate physical addresses
  • Verify millions of records in bulk

These powerful new BriteVerify options prevent even more data errors from entering or remaining in your CRM and ending up on your marketing and lead lists. This ensures teams like marketing, sales, and customer success are armed with high-quality contact data that helps them streamline their efforts, increase campaign ROI, and deliver great customer experiences.

Real, Measurable Results

With the latest additions and enhancements, BriteVerify now offers three real-time APIs to choose from: our Email API; Email, Phone, and Address API; and Bulk Verification API.

BriteVerify email, phone, and address verification APIs are simple to implement and verify user input at the point of capture, such as on web lead forms, at the point-of-sale, or in your trade show booth. What does that mean for your organization? You’ll capture more accurate and complete contact information from the very first interaction with a customer or prospect. As a result, you can improve response times to customer requests, get orders facilitated efficiently and correctly, support prompt lead followup, and more.

Plus, when you start with high-quality contact data, and then regularly clean and validate it with data cleansing solutions like DemandTools and BriteVerify email list verification services, you can streamline your marketing efforts, saving time and money on every campaign.

“We reduced our hard bounces on marketing emails by over 45 percent and we removed over 150,000 invalid email addresses from our POS system alone. Without invalid addresses clogging up our list, data from our email service provider becomes more accurate and actionable, and our open and click rates become more reflective of our actual performance.”

Gail Buffington, Director of eCommerce at Soft Surroundings

Trust Validity for Data Quality

With the expansion of the BriteVerify platform and our recent acquisitions of Return Path and GridBuddy, you now have even more reasons to trust Validity for customer data quality, sales team efficiencies, email deliverability, and more.