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6 Ways to Get More Subscribers to Your Email Newsletter

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Do you feel as if your email newsletter list is not growing fast enough? Getting steady subscribers can be a challenge for organizations across all industries. The following are six tips to help you get more subscribers.

1. Understand Why People Subscribe to Email Newsletters in the First Place

The first thing you need to do is provide people with an incentive to give you their email address. Once you understand what motivates people to sign up to an email newsletter list in the first place, you can create a good offer and/or lead magnet that will lead to more conversions.

Many people sign up to email lists to receive discounts, exclusive offers, and product or service updates. Others sign up to get a free trial, eBook, video course, or various thought leadership pieces.

Whatever you offer, make sure that it is unique and not what everyone else is doing. Test out multiple lead generation campaigns that use different offers and see which ones perform best. It’s all about knowing what your audience is looking for.

2. Reduce Unnecessary Steps

One way to increase your email newsletter signup rate is by making it easier for people to subscribe to your email list. Don’t include too many fields on your email signup forms, and don’t make subscribers jump through too many hoops and pages before they can sign up. Consider only asking for basic personal information at the beginning; you can always ask for more details (such as their address and phone number) later.

3. Optimize Signups From Your Blog

Use in-depth website analytics to optimize your blog or website for email signups. For example, use heat maps to see where users are scrolling and clicking on your site, and place signup forms in more strategic locations based on that data.

Test out different types of lead generation forms on your site. Here are some different ones you can try:

  • Forms that are embedded in the content
  • Signup bars at the top or bottom of the page that scroll together with the user
  • Slide-in forms that slide into a bottom corner
  • Welcome mats at the top of the page
  • Exit popups

4. Use Offline Sources

You aren’t limited to getting subscribers through online methods. You can also get email subscribers through offline marketing. Use a shortened URL to make it easier for people to sign up by typing a link into their browser bar.

You can also use QR codes to make it easier for users to subscribe. You can display this QR code in your offline ads and marketing materials.

5. Encourage Sharing

Encourage users to share your emails with others.


Simple. Include copy at the bottom of your newsletter that says something as direct as, “Did you find this email newsletter interesting? Forward it along to your friends and colleagues!” You could also offer discounts for referring others to your email list. And please be sure to include social sharing buttons so readers can easily share content in your newsletters with their social networks.

6. Make Sure You’re Targeting the Right People

If you’re not getting a flood of people subscribing to your email newsletter, but you are seeing a  significant amount of traffic to your website, consider taking a second look at who you are targeting to sign up for your newsletter in the first place. This point ties in with the first item we covered – understanding why people are signing up for newsletters. Are visitors to your website looking for exclusive deals and discounts or for thought leadership and curated industry content? Make sure you’re giving them what they’re interested in and then also effectively communicating what you’ll actually be delivering.

7. Verify Your Email Newsletter Subscriber Information

Then of course, the final point is ensuring that once someone does take the time to sign up, you want to make sure you capture their email correctly.

This is where the BriteVerify API works perfectly. It’s able to be integrated on webforms and anywhere else you capture email addresses. This email verification solution virtually eliminates typos and syntax errors in real time, which creates an overall better signup experience.

Contact us today for more information or calculate the potential ROI to your email marketing program from verifying your email lists.