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Guest Post: Boosting your email deliverability through personalization.

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**Editor’s Note: We’re happy to bring you a guest post from Sharon Beilis of Ongage!**

Email marketing personalization is a topic that’s been around for a long time and it’s certainly not going anywhere. It’s not the buzzword of the moment, or a “nice to have” within your operation—personalizing your emails has many aspects and is highly beneficial.

Sure to enhance your engagement and add value to your email communications for the end recipient, personalizing your email marketing is hugely important to your success and, ultimately, your ROI. Dynamic content is one way senders can personalize email, and there are many ways to use it to boost deliverability and engagement.

What is dynamic content for email?

Dynamic content takes email personalization one step further. It involves effectively changing entire sections of your email content depending upon the criteria you set, from audience type to behavioral criteria or preferences you’ve collected, all within the same template, making for very little effort needed from the marketer.

Last January we wrote about personalizing your emails using dynamic content on our blog. It’s a hugely beneficial tool to add to your arsenal and, if used properly, it’s proven to increase efficiency and engagement amongst your audience.

But further to this, utilizing dynamic content can have a real impact on your deliverability, too.

How does dynamic content benefit your delivery rates?

Using dynamic content feeds in your communications enables you to provide your end-recipient with a highly valuable, relevant email message. This can be tailored very specifically to the preferences they’ve set with you, the behavioral data you’ve collected on them, or their past purchase behavior to make each block of content within your one template personalized to the recipient.

This makes for an email message which is highly in-tune with each individual recipient, increasing the value proposition of your emails and providing a great user experience, hopefully resulting in a delivery rate boost.

Increased engagement while saving time

By using dynamic content feeds, you are able to create micro-personalized aspects to your emails in a much more pinpointed way than with other methods of personalization.

Dynamic content can also save time for email marketers. Instead of creating many different variations of a single email campaign to include various types of personalization, dynamic content enables you to create one single email campaign that can suit many personalization variations. Better content means more engagement, from happier recipients, like this example below:

The content displayed in the email is relevant to the subscriber’s location as well as the selected interested jobs the subscriber chose.

Another way to use dynamic content is via “if-else” logic. In a single campaign, you can include “if city = Chicago” and then the content below on the left would be displayed. If it’s Boston, then the content block on the right would appear. Naturally, if you don’t have this information for all subscribers, you can create a generic fall back.

For an email marketer, this means that you only need to create one email campaign that will automatically contain personalized content based on the data you have about a recipient.

By providing higher quality content tailored to your end user, they’ll keep opening and clicking, keeping your engagement stats high. Continued engagement of this type is a key indicator to internet service providers (ISPs) that your emails are valuable, which demonstrates to them your quality as a sender. This, in turn, feeds into your sender reputation, keeping your delivery rates high.

In summary

Utilizing dynamic content feeds works to enhance your deliverability, because the relevancy of its content to your engaged subscribers will keep them opening your emails.

The first step is understanding how adding dynamic content personalization to your email marketing operation will help to boost your deliverability and efficiency. Applying this knowledge to reap the delivery benefits of your work is the important part.

For further knowledge of the ins and outs of dynamic content and to get started, contact the Ongage team.