[Inbox Insiders] New Strategies to Pump Up Your Email Personalization

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Looking for the best way to take your marketing emails from “meh” to “OMG?”

As sending volumes reach all-time highs and inboxes get more crowded, the only way to catch your subscribers’ attention is with next-level email personalization.

This means going beyond the basic “Hi {First Name}”.

Your emails should deliver content tailored to each subscriber’s needs and interests. Best case scenario, they feel like you’re reading their minds (in a totally non-creepy way, of course).

For expert tips to deliver more effective email personalization, watch on demand this expert-led webinar, featuring Validity Email Strategist Margaret Wolfenden.

Tune in for details on:

  • New personalization and list segmentation strategies guaranteed to win over subscribers
  • Tips to collect consumer data to fuel more personalized campaigns
  • Email design tips to support personalized content
  • Imitable examples from leading brands who got it right