Preparing for Takeoff: The Email Marketer’s Pre-flight Checklist

Ensure your next email campaign lands safely in the inbox.

Like any good sender, you put in the pre-flight prep work and you’re ready to hit “send” on your next email campaign. The question is: Will it land safely in the inbox?

Pre-send optimization is one of the most effective ways to ensure a smooth landing and boost campaign performance. But while most email marketers have the basics down, they tend to overlook important tactics that could help them prevent email turbulence and avoid a crash landing into the spam folder.

Before your next campaign takes flight, download this checklist to give yourself the best chance of success. It contains:

  • A comprehensive list of pre-send steps to get your campaign ready for takeoff
  • Expert tips to prevent email turbulence and help your next campaign land safely in the inbox
  • Tools and technology to help steer your campaign in the right direction

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