GridBuddy Cloud for
Microsoft Dynamics 365

The most productive user experience for CRM.

GridBuddy Cloud.
A faster, familiar way to work with data in Dynamics 365

GridBuddy Cloud combines fields from multiple tables and environments into one editable Excel-style view so you can quickly and accurately manage your data.

The user-centric, spreadsheet-style interface of GridBuddy Cloud increases productivity, improves data quality, and fosters accurate data entry to support business processes and generate reliable reports.


The power of grids

Data Navigation

Traditional CRM data navigation is slow due to outdated interfaces, unnecessary complexity, and cumbersome data entry. This decreases productivity and causes user fatigue. GridBuddy Cloud tailors the user experience for each role by arranging Dynamics 365 data in a way that expedites work and provides superior visibility into customers and prospects.

Data Quality

From admins to end users, data quality should be a daily priority. But it’s challenging for fast-paced roles to maintain quality because the information they manage is scattered across different tables and records. GridBuddy Cloud aggregates all that information into one, editable layout supporting quick work without compromising data quality.

Business Process

Successfully changing or implementing business processes requires strategy like any other initiative. Simplifying how business systems are used is an integral piece of that plan. GridBuddy Cloud guarantees the right users are aware of new information they need to provide for business processes to be successful in Dynamics 365 and across systems.

“If you want to accelerate the productivity of your teams, you need GridBuddy Cloud.”

Steven Cox,

Manager of Global Sales Tools Strategy, NetApp

Did you know?

55% of sales experts say ease of use is the most important feature of CRM software

The # 1 challenge to CRM adoption is manual data entry

83% of senior executives say their biggest CRM challenge is getting their staff to use the software

Improving your teams’ productivity and data quality doesn’t have to be challenging

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