GridBuddy Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features

The most productive user experience for CRM.

Only the fields you want, from all the tables you need, in one editable workspace

Without a simple way to update and manage critical Dynamics 365 data, user productivity and data quality suffer. GridBuddy Cloud integrates the data your teams need into one simple view so they can spend more time focusing on the customer and less time manipulating data.


The versatility of grids

The right end user experience increases productivity and results in data you can trust.

Role-based workspaces

Create a collection of grids to expedite the day-to-day work for each Dynamics 365 user by showing only the records and fields they need.


Get started with out-of-the-box grids addressing key use cases for sales, support, and operations.

Grid Wizard

Configure and deploy custom grids for specific users, use cases, and business processes.

Multi-table architecture

Display fields from multiple related or unrelated tables in one grid view that supports individual or en masse inline editing of records.

Conditional formatting

Use criteria-based field color coding to highlight important dates, new business processes, and missing data.

Advanced, editable reporting

Run reports on specific records and tables and make modifications to the data returned in the same report view.

Multiple environments

Query data from multiple sources and get a more informed view of customers and prospects even when their information lives in different environments.

No more rushed data migrations

Migrate data when it’s best for the business and without interrupting end users by being able to work with records from multiple source systems in one, unified space.

Improving your teams’ productivity and data quality doesn’t have to be challenging

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