GridBuddy Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics 365

The most productive user experience for CRM.

End user experience:
The key to productivity in Dynamics 365

To be productive, Dynamics 365 users need an interface making it effortless to manage and access data across the CRM. The faster it is to update and reference records, the easier it is for them to do their job successfully, keep customers happy, and provide the business with timely data to inform strategic decisions.

  • On average, only 40% of sales updates are entered into a CRM system
  • 42% of service agents are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems and archaic user interfaces
  • 30% of marketers say disparate data sources are why they can’t gain useful insights from customer data


The advantages of grids

Increased productivity. Less effort.

CRM systems are supposed to help their users be more productive, but the out-of-the-box interface impedes that goal. GridBuddy Cloud surfaces information specific to your needs, whether it’s sales, service, or operations, so you can stop clicking in and out of multiple records to get the facts you rely on. With GridBuddy Cloud, you get job-specific grids for frictionless, focused work.

Accurate data. Timely information.

Accurately updating records during client interactions captures the insights needed to keep them loyal to your brand. When systems are difficult to navigate, logging customer follow-up requests and changes to their details is harder than it sounds. Empower your users with an interface that makes records easy to manage, reference, and act upon, even when engaging with customers.

Reliable reports. Data-driven strategy.

A major goal of logging data into a CRM or any business system is generating reliable reports to steer strategy. To accomplish this, it must be clear to customer-facing users what data is needed, when it’s needed, and from whom. See your business in better detail by enabling users to enter data cleanly and providing an interface that reports data clearly.

Improving your teams’ productivity and data quality doesn’t have to be challenging

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