Are duplicates lurking in your Salesforce org?

Duplicate records have been the top reported problem by CRM users since CRMs made their debut.

Run this fast, risk-free dupe check to see if duplicate records are ambushing your org.

What is Account Dupe Check?

The Account Dupe Check utility analyzes up to 20,000 Account records by matching on commonly used fields such as account name, address, and phone so you can quickly get a sense of the level of duplicates in your org.

What do the results tell me?

You’ll get a quick read on how badly your CRM suffers from duplicates. Even if you have a low percentage of dupes reported here, imagine what that looks like across other objects and more records.

The results will be broken down into two categories: high confidence and moderate confidence duplicates.

High confidence duplicates
  • Match on 4 or more fields
  • Use strict matching algorithms
  • Expose the obvious duplicates
  • Ex: “Acme” matches “Acme, Inc”
Moderate confidence duplicates
  • Match on 3 or less fields
  • Use relaxed matching algorithms
  • Expose the hard-to-find duplicates
  • Ex: “TAC” might match “The Acme Corp.”

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