BriteVerify from Validity

Every great email program starts with real email addresses

The most complete verification solution.

BriteVerify is the industry’s longest standing and most complete email and contact verification solution. Our technology allows you to gather real contact data at the point of collection paired with the ability to check your data at any time – protecting customer experience and your email reputation.

BriteVerify prevents over 1.5 million invalid email addresses from entering CRM systems every 24 hours. Reliable contact information is the only way to reach your customers. Without it, you’re lost from the start.

Email verification for the serious marketer

Bulk-Verification of email lists with BriteFiles™

Simply drag and drop your existing list into the BriteVerify web application or integrate our solution with your ESP in a safe and secure way. Stop wasting money sending to stale email addresses, improve your sending reputation, and get more email delivered to the inbox.

Verify email addresses in real-time with BriteForms™

Verify point of capture email addresses through our real-time API. Whether it’s via webforms, point-of-sale systems, or mobile apps, your data is clean from the start. Protect your sender reputation and stop invalid and risky addresses from ending up in your database.

BriteVerify is the industry’s longest standing and most complete verification solution.

We paved the path for email verification. We saw the need for businesses to start with the right email address up front. Our technology single-handedly changed the way companies collect and send to email addresses.

We make customer experiences better

Successful marketers need accurate data to reach and engage customers. Personalized email messaging, in a timely manner, can meet and exceed customer expectations and satisfaction. Valid phone numbers mean fast and efficient communications at each stage of the sales process. Address accuracy increases on-time delivery rate, leading to happier customers, better brand reputation, and repeat business.

We protect the email ecosystem

We’re not just looking out for email senders, we’re protecting the email ecosystem from unwanted and unsolicited emails. We understand the strain that invalid email addresses place on mailbox providers and we’re passionate about providing a product that helps reduce that burden. High-quality email lists are better for everyone in the email ecosystem. By verifying email addresses, we prevent unwanted mail from being sent, creating a better email experience for all.

We keep your CRM data fresh

Capturing accurate data real-time from point of collection is crucial. By only allowing accurate contact data into your CRM, you’ll reduce maintenance costs and gain better customer insights to leverage for crafting relevant, meaningful, and timely experiences and services.

We offer complete solutions

The combination of Everest and DemandTools with BriteVerify provides better relationships, more technical focus, and solutions that solve your biggest pain points. We know that high-quality data is better for everyone – your contacts, your organization, and mailbox providers. Whether you are running an email marketing program or are a CRM Admin, we understand how critical clean and accurate data is to you.

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We have the highest privacy and security standards

We operate in the most privacy conscious, industry-tolerant, PII sensitive, way possible. We practice the GDPR principles of data minimization and pseudonymization. We only store enough information to deliver our solutions. All data is encrypted in transit, and any personal data we receive is also hashed and encrypted at rest as well.

“In 4 months we implemented programs to catch invalid emails lowering our unknown send rate from near 1% peaking at 6% to now below a tenth of a percent. Our open rates increased over 100% from 20.1% to 50.3%.” 

Marketing Automation Manager at PODS

We work where you work

With support for most major email service providers (ESPs), marketing platforms, and CRMs, BriteVerify works wherever you do.

A misspelled email is a missed customer and a fake email is a real problem

BriteVerify is the recognized leader and trailblazer in the email verification space. We work with leaders in the email industry to minimize resource burdens across the ecosystem while complying with leading privacy and security standards. BriteVerify provides email marketers and CRM admins with the technology they need to maximize the customer experience, protect the email experience, and increase ROI.