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Start Inline Editing in Salesforce With No Configuration

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Want an easier way to edit your CRM data in Salesforce? Thanks to ReadyGrids, a new addition in GridBuddy, you can start inline editing in Salesforce immediately (no configuration required).

GridBuddy is a Salesforce app that dramatically reduces your Salesforce clicks and page loads, and easily allows for inline editing of multiple objects, which improves productivity for any Salesforce use case. And now it includes 18 pre-configured grids so you and your end-users can start inline editing in Salesforce even faster.

Efficient Inline Editing in Salesforce

The 18 pre-configured grids were built to specifically solve common CRM and Salesforce pain points for support, customer success, sales, and marketing operations teams. These pre-built grids instantly sync with your data, improving the efficiency of end-users right away.

ReadyGrids are available out-of-the-box when GridBuddy is installed for the first time (from the Salesforce AppExchange, versions 7.6 and above). As soon as you install the app, your ReadyGrids will be ready to use. The only thing you need to do is grant your end-users access.

If you’re curious about ReadyGrids, get your free trial of GridBuddy from the AppExchange. And if you’re already using GridBuddy, we’ll explain in a moment how to get these new ReadyGrids if you already have GridBuddy installed.

How Do I Get GridBuddy and Take Advantage of ReadyGrids?

Step 1: Go to the Salesforce AppExchange and type “GridBuddy” in the search window. Alternatively, you can click here for a direct link to the GridBuddy app.

Editing in Salesforce made easy with GridBuddy ReadyGrids

Step 2: Click the “Get It Now” button, which will install a free, limited-time GridBuddy trial in your Salesforce org.

Step 3: After GridBuddy is successfully installed, click the App Launcher and type “Grids” in the search window. (If you’re in Classic, select “GridBuddy” from the dropdown menu.)

Type grids in the App Launcher screen of GridBuddy

Step 4: The “Grids Tab” will open, and in the Grids dropdown menu you will see 18 ReadyGrids within their appropriate folder.

ReadyGrids dropdown - streamline editing with pre-configured grids

Step 5: Click a grid from the dropdown menu and it will immediately load on the page, syncing with your Salesforce data for instant and simplified inline editing.

Opportunity Grid Example

How Do I Get ReadyGrids If I’m Already Using GridBuddy?

If you upgraded to the latest version of GridBuddy, but you’re not seeing the ReadyGrids, it’s probably because you already have GridBuddy installed in your Salesforce org. ReadyGrids will only appear if you’re installing GridBuddy for the very first time. But, if you’d like to have the ReadyGrids anyway (I bet you do!), you have two options:

What Use Cases Do ReadyGrids Focus On?

The 18 ReadyGrids focus on typical marketing, sales, and customer success use cases, such as Opportunity, Account, Lead, Forecasting, and Task Management. With ReadyGrids, your Salesforce end-users will be able to work with all the data they need in a single screen. Even better, no configuration is required before they can start inline editing in Salesforce.

What if you have a different use case, or you have a custom object that you want to put into a grid? Or perhaps you want to make the existing grids show more specific data with conditional formatting or filters? All of this and more is possible with point-and-click configuration (no coding or IT assistance needed). Check out our blog about four popular GridBuddy features to get some ideas.

What are the New ReadyGrids?

The following grids are included in the 18 pre-configured ReadyGrids:

  • Sales Reps:
    • Contact Management, Sales Rep Forecast, Sales Rep Pipeline, Task Management
  • Sales Managers:
    • Past Due Opportunities, Sales Manager Forecast, Sales Manager Pipeline
  • BDRs and SDRs:
    • Lead Management
  • BDR and SDR Managers:
    • Lead Distribution, Leads with Missing Data
  • Customer Success and Support:
    • Account 360, Case Update
  • Sales and Marketing Operations:
    • Accounts Missing Addresses, Campaign Management, Contact Cleanse, Contacts with Missing Data, Lead Maintenance, Leads with Missing Data

It's easier to edit Salesforce data with ReadyGrids

Like what you see? GridBuddy simplifies even the most complex CRM processes, giving Salesforce users all the data they need in a single, editable grid. As a result, teams save time. You can learn more about GridBuddy and the way it streamlines editing in Salesforce by clicking here. Or, see GridBuddy in action. Just contact us for a custom demo.