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Managing Duplicate Data in Microsoft Dynamics 365

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By integrating the sophisticated deduplication functionality of DemandTools with the Dynamics CRM, Validity made detecting, merging, and otherwise managing duplicate data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 easier.

The result is not only more efficiency for sales, marketing, and customer success teams, but also the easiest way for CRM admins to perform mass deduplication, mass merging, and more.

The Challenge of Managing Duplicate Data

Organizations amass large amounts of data through user entry, lead generation, list imports, and mergers and acquisitions. Without the right data cleansing processes in place to stop them, duplicates accompany this influx of data straight into the CRM system. This wreaks havoc on the entire organization’s ability to successfully leverage CRM data.

For example, members of the sales team get frustrated when they think they’re following up on a great lead, only to realize someone else is already nurturing that lead because of a duplicate record. Marketing wastes campaign dollars on duplicate sends, or falls short of expected ROI because campaign numbers are off. And sales managers deal with frustrations over account ownership and sales pipeline management, instead of developing and supporting sales initiatives.

Streamline the Process of Managing Duplicate Data

DemandTools allows these teams to stop getting tripped up by duplicates. It also helps CRM administrators overcome the data quality issues that duplicates create. Offering substantially more functionality than Dynamics’ native duplicate management tools, DemandTools enables mass deduplication, mass merging, more robust matching, master rule creation, and field value rules in merging.

Features that will benefit sales, marketing, operations, and management include:

  • Deduplication of accounts, contacts, leads, and cases
  • A wide array of matching options to meet organizational stewardship requirements
  • Master rules for automated merge decision making
  • Field rules for added flexibility to reduce the risk of losing critical data
  • Scenario management to support a consistent and structured approach to deduplication
  • User record selection for full customer control of record management
  • Cross-platform support to enable migration with other CRM systems, including Salesforce and other leading platforms

Duplicates in Dynamics

DemandTools for Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives Dynamics users a new level of ease and reliability in managing duplicate data. To learn more, click here.