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Eargo Wins Email Hero Award for Best Newsletter

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Creating an engaging newsletter can be a challenge for any email marketer. However, Eargo who offers state-of-the-art hearing aidshad the additional challenge of keeping customers engaged post-purchase without any new offers or products to sell. Undeterred, Eargo newsletter managed not only to attract inbox attention during the busy holiday period, but also managed to earn impressive open and click-through rates.   

To understand what went into this award-winning campaign, we interviewed Ron Dorseydirector, lifecycle marketing at Eargo. 

What were the goals of this particular campaign? 

To engage our customer base with valuable content to show that post-purchase, we will continue to deliver valuable information to them regarding hearing loss and treatment. Being the holiday season, we wanted to reinforce how important good hearing is to connect with friends and loved ones. 

Did you face any challenges along the way? 

Providing relevant, valuable content post-purchase is a bit of a challenge as we’re not a large retailer with hundreds of SKUs to cross-sell. We have a telecare model utilizing licensed hearing professionals to provide ongoing support to our customers, helping them adjust their Eargo hearing aids, providing guidance on proper cleaning, and answering general questions regarding hearing. We needed to find a way to further engage our customers so future emails for notifications, referrals, upgrades, etc. would be seen and engaged with. 

How did you achieve these results? 

Being Certified with Return Path by Validity helped us ensure our messages got in front of our intended audience and weren’t blocked or marked as spam by mailbox providers. As with any campaign, the best segmentation and creative do no good if the email doesn’t get delivered and seen. We also leveraged Movable Ink to overlay the recipients’ name on a gift tag in the hero image to add to the holiday feel, lending a touch of fun and personalization to the communication. 

What were your campaign results? 

We saw phenomenal engagement from the newsletter in terms of both opens and clicks on articles. The open rate was 46%, clickthrough rate was 9%, and the clicktoopen rate was 20%. Those numbers are HUGE, especially when dealing with the quantity of holiday offers from major retailers we were competing with for attention in the inbox. 

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