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4 Ways Email Verification Boosts Marketing Results

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You wrote the catchiest subject line, paired it with useful, interesting body content, and included a clear CTA – a recipe that is sure to generate clicks and, hopefully, conversions. But, what if the email never reaches the intended recipients? Imagine that your team has spent hours crafting the perfect email campaign that will both be engaging to your customers and yield the desired action, only for it to reach half of your planned audience.

The reason for the undeliverable email could be due to something as simple as a typo or even a fake email address submitted to your CRM that can waste your organization’s money and resources. Not only is your team’s time and reputation on the line but, ultimately, your overall marketing goals could be in jeopardy. The solve? Email verification.

Verifying emails in real-time (for example, as you collect them at a tradeshow or at the point of sale), verifying them in your database or lists you have generated, and reverifying them often will ensure that your message is reaching real people and getting real results.


How Email Verification Can Help You Reach Your Marketing Goals


Email Verification With digital campaign results key to customer engagement and revenue generation, it’s time to leverage the most reliable tool to help make them a success. When you make email verification a necessary component of any marketing strategy, here are the top four ways it will positively impact your marketing goals:

  1. Higher engagement

It’s simple – customers can’t engage with your emails if they’re not receiving them. Higher deliverability increases your chances of higher open rates, click-throughs, and conversions. An accurate forecast of response rate is only possible when you have an accurate idea of the number of people you’re successfully reaching. Increase your ability to forecast campaign ROI correctly and maximize your response rate by taking nonexistent addresses out of the mix.

  1. Improved deliverability, sender score, and inbox placement

If your bounce rate is higher than certain thresholds, ISPs may filter your campaigns as spam, causing emails going to legitimate addresses to bounce as well. Spam complaints, low subscriber engagement, and poor deliverability can all result in a negative email sender reputation, which may lead to your IP getting blacklisted or your account status getting disabled. Implementing email verification will help eliminate hard bounces and improve your IP reputation, allowing uninterrupted communication with your audience and boosting your email campaign results.

  1. Reduced spending

AKA saving $$. As a marketer, you’re paying for every email that you send, even if it doesn’t make it to an inbox. Why waste money on emails that will never reach your customer? No matter which ESP you use, sending fewer, more accurate emails will reduce the associated cost. Making sure you’re spending your budget on legitimate, deliverable email addresses reduces your waste of time, money, and resources. These saved dollars can be reallocated toward other campaigns and initiatives that will retain customers, increase ROI, and boost your bottom line.

  1. Increased, reliable data

When you use more reliable data – including consistently verifying your email list and eliminating non-existent email addresses – you net more reliable data in return. You gain a more precise understanding of what’s working with your campaign and what your audience is responding to. And you can use this actionable reporting and reliable metrics to realign your overall messaging strategy and budget accordingly.

All of these factors work together to help you seamlessly execute your marketing campaigns and, ultimately, make them more successful.


We Can Help


As a marketer, you know your CRM or marketing list is only valuable for your digital campaigns if you’re confident that the email addresses it contains are reachable. Reduce the chances of running into a virtual dead end with your marketing efforts by leveraging email verification and proven tools that make it simple.

With Validity BriteVerify, our real-time API works with your sign-up form to validate email addresses as they are entered – stopping invalid email addresses and fraudulent submissions from ever reaching your database.

How easy can email verification be? Picture this: When onboarding a new customer, all it would take is a quick check in real-time to ensure that their details are correct and void of any inconsistencies. If there are any typos or inaccuracies, you would be prompted to simply correct it or enter a different email address. It’s a simple, but crucial step that can help you maximize your marketing spend, maintain high deliverability, and increase customer engagement.

And our email list verification tool makes email list cleaning as easy as drag, drop, and deliver.