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CRM Data Management in 2024: 5 Key Insights All Companies Should Know

Tuesday, June 4th
12 PM ET • 5 pM UK

Feeling like your CRM is totally out of control lately?

It’s not just you. New research from Validity shows that data management is more challenging than ever before—and admins are reaching their breaking points.

A whopping 25% of CRM admins said less than half of their data is accurate and complete. Worse still, the bottom-line consequences are increasing: The average company now loses at least 20% of its annual revenue due to poor data quality.

So, how did we get here? And (more importantly) how can we dig ourselves out?

For expert insights, join this 30-minute webinar featuring Validity’s in-house data expert, Olivia Hinkle, and Salesforce Ben’s Christine Marshall.

Tune in for details on:

  • Hot-off-the-presses research exposing the state of data management in 2024
  • How macro conditions like privacy laws, job market volatility, and increasing consumer demands are impacting data quality
  • How admins are navigating (or in some cases, avoiding) AI
  • Insights on internal issues like leadership blind spots, data silos, and skill gaps that are accelerating data decay
  • A step-by-step plan for organizations to maintain a clean, actionable CRM

Save your spot today! All registrants will receive a copy of Validity’s State of CRM Data Management in 2024 report after the webinar.

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Olivia Hinkle

Director of Product Marketing, Validity

Christine Marshall

Principal Salesforce Evangelist, Salesforce Ben