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Top 5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Sender Reputation

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Quick tips and tools to help you send smart.

While the Joan Jetts of the world may not give a damn about their bad reputation, email senders don’t have quite the same luxury. 

A bad sender reputation can (and will) stop mailbox providers from sending your emails to the inbox, leaving you with weaker customer relationships, fewer conversions, and a significant decrease in ROI. Yikes. 

So, how can you save your reputation and get in mailbox providers’ good graces? Download this cheat sheet to find out what you could be doing as a sender to harm your reputation in the first place.  

It contains: 

  • The top five ways you may be unknowingly ruining your sender reputation 
  • Free tools to help you assess where you currently stand as a sender 
  • Quick tips to help you improve your reputation and elevate your email program 

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