State of Email Live – Security-Proof Your Email Campaigns: A Conversation with Proofpoint

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What’s the deal with email filtering?

The biggest players in the filtering landscape are Proofpoint and their subsidiaries Cloudmark (security platform) and SORBS (blocklist operator). These three are working together to create a safer email experience for end-users, protecting them from spam, phishing attacks, malware, and more.

Most likely, your email marketing messages don’t fall under these malicious categories, but if you’re not following Proofpoint’s best practices, they’ll still be filtered out of your subscribers’ inboxes. In fact, inbox placement rates for emails evaluated by Proofpoint’s email security over the past 90 days have averaged only 78.9%.

Looking to get the truth about Proofpoint and navigate their filtering algorithms like a pro?

Watch the recorded discussion with Professional Services experts Danielle Gallant and Laura Christensen, Tom Bartel, SVP of Data Services (Validity) and Jaren Angerbauer, Deliverability and ISP Relations Manager (Proofpoint) as they delve deep into deliverability in this insightful episode of State of Email.

The recording also presents the global email KPIs (including KPIs security vendors like Proofpoint find important) and how they’ve been trending over the past 30 days.

You will learn:

  • The latest trends in the email threat landscape—and how to navigate them
  • How Proofpoint works, including Cloudmark & SORBS
  • Why there has been such a dramatic increase in link-checking protections to fight against malware, phishing attacks, and more
  • What senders should know about how Proofpoint is harnessing AI
  • Top tips to avoid blocking and filtering