State of Email, Ep. 38: Inbox or Junk Folder: Who Wields the Power?

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Getting your emails delivered is hard. But ensuring they land in the inbox—especially during the business-critical holiday season—is even harder.

Why? Aside from skyrocketing email volumes, degraded measurement, and a tough economic climate, senders are facing intense scrutiny from mailbox providers like Yahoo and blocklist operators like Spamhaus. If just one of them decides you look like a spammer, your deliverability will suffer!

So, how can senders avoid spam-like behavior and secure their spot in the inbox this holiday season?

Tune into the next edition of State of Email Live for crucial deliverability insights from two of the biggest players in the world of email: Yahoo product lead Marcel Becker and Spamhaus liaison Matthew Stith.

They will reveal:

  • What a good email sender really looks like
  • How email spam filters actually work
  • Why there’s been a massive increase in Spamhaus listings this year
  • What impact Apple’s MPP has on email deliverability

…and so much more! Plus, Validity’s in-house email strategist Sandra Schubert will review global email performance trends and predict just how busy this year’s Black Friday will be.