State of Email, Ep. 36: MPP Revisited – More Pain Points?

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September marks one year since Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) shook up the world of email marketing. “Pixelgeddon” was predicted—and while MPP’s initial impact wasn’t quite that devastating, the way we measure email performance has changed irrevocably.

But is it possible we’re only just beginning to see the long-term effects of MPP?

Clicks have trended downwards since MPP’s introduction, while opt-outs and complaints are increasing. With Q4 just around the corner, how can senders counter the impacts of MPP and protect business-critical email revenue?

For answers to these pressing questions, join us for this edition State of Email Live, featuring Tal Goren, Head of CRM at Rank Interactive, and Michael Cabral, Sr. Manager of Email Operations and Strategy at J. Jill. We’ll draw on their combined expertise to reveal:

  • Why inbox placement at Apple is only 68%
  • Which metrics have emerged as the best engagement indicators
  • Why MPP has made email migrations even tougher
  • Effective, actionable tactics to ensure peak season success

Margaret Wolfenden also reviews current email trends to predict whether this is going to be the busiest Black Friday ever—and what impact this will have on email KPIs.