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As the leading lifestyle brand for gamers, Razer has designed and built the world’s largest gamer-focused ecosystem of hardware, software, and services. Founded in 2005 and headquartered jointly in Irvine, CA, and Singapore, the company has a fan base that spans every continent around the globe. Email is a critical channel for this worldwide brand, as it allows them to reach their audience wherever they are and deliver compelling, targeted messages to drive sales and create deeper customer relationships.


Like many retailers, Razer sought to drive website traffic and maximize conversions during the peak selling period between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To achieve this goal, they planned a multi-part email campaign offering big discounts on many products, which would span these four critical days. However, the team at Razer knew that in order for their efforts to succeed during the year’s busiest online shopping season, they would need to optimize every aspect of their email campaign.


The team first dug into their sender reputation and deliverability, because no email campaign can be successful if it ends up in the spam folder. Using the Return Path by Validity suite of deliverability tools, they were able to improve their sender reputation and increase their inbox placement rate. By optimizing send times and subject lines with Return Path tools, as well as analyzing metrics from the previous year’s Black Friday campaign, they made sure their emails would stand out in a crowded inbox, leading to better subscriber engagement. In addition, they used the Inbox Preview tool to thoroughly test their email creative, ensuring their messages would render correctly regardless of platform or device.


Razer’s efforts to optimize their Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaign definitely paid off. While a similar campaign had performed quite well the previous year, subscribers were far more responsive to this year’s campaign—as evidenced by a double-digit increase in open rate. More importantly, they nearly doubled YoY revenue from the email channel during this critical holiday shopping period.