BrandAlley was established in France in 2005 and is now a leading online department store offering members flash sales with discounts of up to 80 percent off more than 300 designer labels. In 2017, BrandAlley introduced its own ready-to-wear “BrandAlley La Collection” womenswear, with plans to expand into menswear and childrenswear. BrandAlley’s e-commerce website operates in various European countries and currently ranks as France’s 15th most popular retail site, averaging over 7 million visitors every month.


BrandAlley sent 455 million emails during the first half of the year. With such high volumes, stricter filtering applied by the major email providers such as Gmail, Orange, Yahoo, and Microsoft was undermining the company’s email marketing strategy. As a result, BrandAlley’s marketing teams experienced lower deliverability for marketing emails, with notable declines during peak periods such as the holiday season.

As BrandAlley did not have its own monitoring tools, it lacked the insights needed to re-engineer its email marketing campaigns. BrandAlley approached Return Path to draw on the company’s experience and expertise, thus helping them secure a reliable and long term sender reputation.

Being online only, BrandAlley relies heavily on email marketing to stay in touch with its clients and develop its business.


Return Path’s experts analyzed BrandAlley’s existing email program, drew up a list of recommendations, and helped the company’s marketing teams achieve optimal deliverability.

The first step was to segment BrandAlley’s various IP addresses in order to anticipate deliverability issues. The Return Path team then prepared a compliance plan, enabling BrandAlley to become Return Path Certified. Certification helped ensure emails were delivered and, therefore, build BrandAlley a solid reputation as a mailer: a real essential for an online only business.

Working with a dedicated Return Path team, BrandAlley also introduced the Return Path Product Suite. These solutions allow the company to monitor campaigns in real time and access performance metrics which, in turn, help marketing teams fine tune their campaigns.

During the project, Return Path conducted a monthly review of email marketing campaigns and remained in touch with BrandAlley to ensure any potential problems were resolved promptly ensuring the e-tailer’s business wasn’t compromised. BrandAlley’s CRM teams took advantage of this opportunity to interact with Return Path to discuss some of the marketing concerns they had, leveraging Return Path’s consulting skills, which helped BrandAlley implement responsive email campaigns.

What Our Customer’s Say

“With Return Path, we have achieved a key priority: a level of deliverability that is truly stable, unaffected by our peak activity periods. Our CRM teams now have peace of mind while they work and can focus on marketing innovations. Return Path also plays an important consultancy role, offering advice on all aspects of our marketing strategy.”

Aurélie Bilard
Head of CRM and Web Projects


As a result of BrandAlley obtaining Return Path Certification and its teams using the Return Path Product Suite on a daily basis, the e-tailer has optimized its email sender reputation. It now has the tools to monitor its reputation in real-time, analyze it using tracking tools, and maintain it.

Ongoing assistance from Return Path experts provides BrandAlley with a dedicated team who are on hand to anticipate any deliverability issues.

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