Ask Better Questions to Boost B2B Sales

You want to get the right information. Sales managers and senior executives rely on questions to get critical information from sellers. And sellers rely on questions to get important info from buyers.

If you’ve got bad info, chances are you’re asking the wrong questions. It All Starts at the Top.

You have to model quality questions and leverage the power of questions if you want them to become a part of your sales culture and a driver of sales productivity. Get your sellers to ask better questions, too, and sales will dramatically increase.

Deb Calvert, buyer-side researcher and question-asking expert, will show you how you can use questions to:

  • Avoid making costly and disruptive errors in your sales forecasts and in your sales hiring
  • Make a stronger and longer-lasting impact as a sales coach
  • Accelerate the sales process and engage buyers
  • Ask good questions and improve your sales candidate selection, boost the performance of sellers you coach, and yield more accurate information for your sales projections.

This webinar is suitable for anyone who manages the sales function or a sales team, along with sales trainers and coaches. Frontline sellers will also benefit from learning questions to use with their buyers.