6 Playbooks to Turn the “Great Resignation” into Pipeline & Revenue

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Learn how to fix "Contact Decay" and use the "Great Resignation" to your advantage!

The current workplace is a giant revolving door, and experts predict that the ‘Great Resignation’ will continue into 2022. For B2B revenue teams, this means that contact data decay (and the challenges it creates) is more prevalent than ever.

Bad news for your pipeline, right? Well…not exactly!

In this webinar, Kate Adams (SVP Marketing at Validity) and Christian Kletzl (CEO at UserGems) break down the impact of the “Great Resignation” on your CRM hygiene and the unique opportunity it provides for your CRM data enrichment to grow your pipeline, win new business deals, and retain more customers.

After watching, you’ll:

  • Know how the ‘Great Resignation’ has impacted CRM data hygiene and your ability to reach, engage with, and retain customers
  • Learn how innovative go-to-market teams are taking advantage of this movement, accelerating their deals, and turning it into revenue
  • Have 6 tactical playbooks you can implement right away to improve your CRM data quality, identify new business opportunities within the “job movers” market, and execute more effective marketing campaigns heading into 2022.