Validity Reinvents GridBuddy Connect Platform to Enable Data Productivity

Validity Inc. | February 8, 2022

Today Validity, the leading provider of data quality and email marketing success solutions, announced the release of GridBuddy Connect, a data productivity platform that enables sales teams to focus on growing their businesses rather than updating data. The platform aims to increase sales team productivity by making data easy to find, update and view – no matter its source.

Across industries, sales reps are acutely familiar with the pain points caused by inefficient CRM data management processes. In order to get a full view of their data, sales reps have previously been forced to toggle between dozens of CRM tabs creating an incomplete view of vital information. What’s more, the data they need to execute on day-to-day often lives across multiple systems that rarely integrate with each other, making it all too easy for important information to slip through the cracks due to human error or slow processing. This leads to a domino effect on data quality: missing or incorrect information within the CRM from sales reps can cause trouble down the line when operations managers need to compile reports and sales leaders need to forecast. In short, poor data productivity is a detriment to any company’s bottom line.

The updated and reinvented GridBuddy Connect, formerly known as GridBuddy Cloud, gives users a spreadsheet-simple interface that ensures data can be accessed and edited in different views based on individual roles. By consolidating data from multiple sources in one view, GridBuddy Connect facilitates connections across disparate teams so users can pinpoint missing or incorrect information before it impacts their business. Additionally, with this announcement GridBuddy Connect expands its support for Salesforce data, adding new support for Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, OData and Zendesk.

The solution’s no-code, simple implementation also means users aren’t required to have programming skills to get up and running quickly. Once the package is installed, GridBuddy Connect understands the data source it’s connected to and ensures all information is presented in the correct context – without the manual labor of mapping out all the relevant data. Key features include:

  • Multi-object in-line editing: In a spreadsheet-style view, users can edit fields across objects in one spot. GridBuddy Connect allows sales professionals to edit and update their Opportunity details and the related Contact and Account information at once, all in the same view.
  • Expansive grid search: View and search 50x more records than industry alternatives to quickly find records across all data sources represented in the grid.
  • Generate grids from Salesforce configurations: With GridBuddy Connect, Salesforce users can automatically generate grids from their current custom list views.

“Our mission with GridBuddy has always been to provide people with the data they need in the simplest view possible while at the same time allowing them to edit that data quickly. So they can stop wasting time clicking between multiple screens and systems,” said Chris Hyde, Global Head of Data Solutions at Validity.

“GridBuddy Connect positions us to provide this boost in data productivity on a larger scale with its ability to connect to more business systems. Gridbuddy Connect allows us to expand the universe of people we can help become more productive with their data. Now you can bring your data together across multiple Salesforce, Dynamics 365, SAP, OData and Zendesk instances, and truly unify that data in one succinct view.”

“To provide accurate quotes to our customers, our service delivery team needs to be up to speed on what opportunities are nearing the end of the pipeline, and our sales team needs to see the availability of individual delivery teams,” said Kurt Thompson, Sales Operations Manager at Pivotree. “GridBuddy Connect is a game changer for our business, allowing these teams to access the same information and collaborate more effectively.”

To learn more about GridBuddy Connect, click here.


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