Beyond Risk Removes 15,000 Duplicates and Modifies 60,000 Records with Validity DemandTools.

Insurance company Beyond Risk was spending too much time cleaning their data and training end users to correctly import data. As critical issues like duplicate records caused poor marketing and prospecting results and undermined user confidence in Salesforce, Beyond Risk knew they needed a different approach.

With DemandTools, they were able to clean their database and keep it actionable by removing 15,000 duplicates and modifying 60,000 records in record time.

Check out this five-minute video to see how Beyond Risk leverages DemandTools and Validity’s expert support to reach their data management goals.

Featuring Stefen Gale, Senior Sales Operations Analyst at Beyond Risk

 “We actually went into this thinking we needed to get another FTE to help with data management. With DemandTools, we’ve moved away from that, since essentially, DemandTools is a junior Salesforce Admin!”

–Stefen Gale, Senior Sales Operations Analyst at Beyond Risk