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Be an “Email” Mastermind

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Our co-founder James McLachlan penned a piece for the Campaigner blog on “Three Essential Email Mindsets” for marketers. If we do say so ourselves, the whole piece is – ahem – essential reading.

Here’s an excerpt from the first mindset, “Email Isn’t Just One Type of Communication”:

When marketers see email as one type of communication, they may be attracted to an overly simplified strategy: collect as many email addresses as possible, blast them your company newsletter, and repeat.

Newsletters can be effective, and ESPs like Campaigner make it incredibly easy for marketers to message in this way. But this ease may tempt marketers not to plot more complex customer segments and journeys. Today’s email marketers need to be much more thoughtful.

For one thing, marketers aren’t the only ones emailing a company’s users. A company’s email can serve as a content delivery vehicle, a customer support tool, or an offering of the latest deal. While each of these messages can have effective marketing elements within them, senders should strive to make each email relevant to each reader. Failing to do this fails email recipients in a fundamental way.

Head over to the Campaigner blog to read the full piece, which covers the mindsets that “Email Lists Require Quality, Not Just Quantity” and that “Sometimes, You Need to Know When Not To Send.”

In the end, McLachlan notes, “the most important marketing mindset is to keep an open mind.”