DemandTools from Validity

The #1 global data quality tool thousands of Salesforce administrators trust

Common data challenges like duplicates, unstandardized, and unverified data occur in every CRM system.

A relentless approach for removing and preventing these hurdles keeps the database clean and reliable. End-user adoption, as well as success in sales and marketing outreach are directly impacted by the quality of your CRM data – let it have a positive impact by leveraging the industry-leading data quality tool set.

A strong organization can generate up to 70% more revenue than an average organization purely based on the quality of its data.

15-45% of operating expenses of almost all organizations are wasted due to data quality issues.

1 in 3 business leaders don’t trust the data they use to make decisions.

Increase CRM adoption

CRM systems are only as good as the data they house and the people that work in them. If your Salesforce data isn’t clean and maintained to support your end users job function, adoption rates will plummet. Increase your Salesforce ROI by providing high-quality data that makes each user want to work in the system because it helps them reach their goals.

Bolster data management efficiency

To conquer your data management and continuously deliver data that’s high quality, you need tools that were created with this goal in mind. DemandTools immediately lessens the time needed for data management by processing merges, modifications and more in bulk. Bulk processing coupled with DemandTools’ automation capabilities guarantee data quality is never overlooked.

Create exceptional customer relationships

CRM systems, like Salesforce, were created because businesses needed one database to provide a complete picture of their contacts, enabling them to properly address the needs and wants of each customer and prospect. But that 360-degree view doesn’t maintain itself. You need applications that work alongside Salesforce to manage the information and prevent duplicates and invalid or missing data from interfering in your customer relations. DemandTools is the key to clean data that unlocks the knowledge and understanding you need of your customers.

Managing your data doesn’t have to be difficult

DemandTools helps establish the continual delivery of high-quality data and removes the complexities of data management with its ability to conform to your unique processes.



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