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Secure Data Management

Securely manage your Salesforce data quality without sacrificing speed or functionality.

Protect your data with an on-prem deployment.

Security concerns remain the number one barrier to deploying cloud-based solutions. After the multitude of cloud breaches that have exposed personal information or have caused a loss of intellectual property, IT teams around the world are doing more to protect their data. DemandTools is an on-prem solution, meaning none of your data is hosted in someone else’s cloud. It stays securely in your network, under your control and ownership. Eliminate security concerns and lessen your data’s vulnerability with DemandTools.

Stay in compliance without lengthy security reviews.

DemandTools is on-prem and does not store Personally Identifiable Information (PII), meaning it is automatically in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means you get to skip involving the legal team in a lengthy Data Processing Agreement (DPA) review during procurement. Implement DemandTools with less friction than other solutions and experience one of the many ways DemandTools gets you clean data faster.

Use infrastructure already in place.

DemandTools is a robust solution, but it can be supported by the infrastructure you already have in place to accommodate Macs, PCs, or even Linux. One simple installer loads this powerhouse solution quickly, either locally or on a server. Save additional time and money with the included DemandTools scheduler instead of building automation or a server task scheduler.

Be the guardian of your most valuable business asset.

Set up time with one of our data experts today and learn how DemandTools strengthens your business by giving you clean data you can trust.

DemandTools Features

DemandTools Features