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CRM Editions

File Edition

CRM Editions

File Edition

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DemandTools Free

Import, export, and delete for Salesforce.

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DemandTools Elements

Automatically deduplicate and cleanly load data into Salesforce.

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The all-in-one data quality platform for complete CRM data management.

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DemandTools Free

DemandTools Elements



Microsoft Dynamics 365



Modules and Features



14-day trial (Elements edition functionality)
Duplicate dashboard
Up to 20k records
Standard objects
Custom objects
Record selection criteria
Dedupe from a file
Fuzzy matching logic
Custom matching rules
Custom winning record rules
Custom field rules
Cross-field matching
Pre-configured scenarios
Duplicate prevention
Undo Merge
Automatic merging on a schedule


Multi-object import
Key Field Only
Key Field Only
Key Field & Match Conditions
Key Field Only
Key Field Only
Key Field & Match Conditions
Field standardization
Data Source
.xlsx, .csv
.xlsx, .csv
.xlsx, .csv, Salesforce orgs, MySQL, MSSQL, Dynamics 365
File size limit









User Management


Live, weekly office hours
Email support
Documentation & video library
Customer success manager with personalized on-boarding (for qualifying accounts)

Get clean data and strengthen your business with DemandTools.

DemandTools is the all-in-one data quality platform that handles everything from deduplication and mass modifications to lead conversions and data migrations to ensure your data remains your most valuable asset.

Trusted by over 16,000 Salesforce Orgs.

“DemandTools is a game changer for our enterprise USP360 ‘CRM’ initiative. It has improved data quality and saved an estimated two full-time employees in cost for all Salesforce data migration projects. Validity’s BriteVerify and PeopleImport have exponentially improved our marketing maturity in the area of SPAM compliance and operation support. Validity’s customer support is outstanding and worth every penny. With the help of our Validity representative, we incurred zero dollars in implementation cost—an estimated savings of 50k-80k—and were up and running in two weeks.”

Arjit Joshi – U.S. Pharmacopeia

DemandTools File

Deduplication for .csv and .xlsx.

No contract, pay as you go.

Get 50 Free Credits

Pay as-you-go pricing

500 Duplicates

$0.080 per duplicate row identified

1,000 Duplicates

$0.080 per duplicate row identified

2,000 Duplicates

$0.075 per duplicate row identified

3,000 Duplicates

$0.070 per duplicate row identified

5,000 Duplicates

$0.065 per duplicate row identified

10,000 Duplicates

$0.060 per duplicate row identified

25,000 Duplicates

$0.050 per duplicate row identified

50,000 Duplicates

$0.045 per duplicate row identified

DemandTools File

File Types

.xls, .csv



Included Features


Merge History
View total rows merged by day.
Help documents and videos
Learn more about DemandTools.


Custom matching scenarios
Create scenarios to find duplicates based on the matching parameters you need.
Matching rules
Find matching rows based on one or more columns of data.
Cross-column matching
Compare data in different columns.
Fuzzy matching logic
Find non-exact matches such as H.P. and Hewlett Packard or Jim and James.
Winning row rules
Automatically choose the row that remains in the data set.
Winning column rules
Automatically choose the column value to keep for each set of duplicate rows.
Export duplicate results
Export the list of found duplicates and the cleaned, post-merge file.
User management
Add new team members to use DemandTools and share deduplication credits.


Email support
Email Support Queue
Documentation & video library
Validity Help Center

Get clean data and strengthen your business with DemandTools.

DemandTools File edition handles the heavy lifting of merging duplicates to ensure you’re working with unique data without losing valuable information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does DemandTools File edition compare to the Excel remove duplicates function?

Unlike out-of-the-box Excel tools, DemandTools has the ability to match on more than one column using exact and fuzzy matching logic and combine values in columns when merging duplicate rows. DemandTools will also export the found duplicates to a new sheet so you can see what was identified, export the merged data set to a new sheet so you can see the cleaned information, and keep your original data intact, all in one process.

Does DemandTools File edition merge columns or rows?

DemandTools merges duplicate rows of data based on matching data in one or more columns. Columns cannot be merged.

Can I merge more than 2 rows for each group of duplicates?

Yes. Duplicate groups are two or more rows and all rows in a group can be merged.

How does the purchase process work?

Once you create your DemandTools account you will be able to create your own scenario to identify how many duplicates are in your sheet. Next, you will be shown a sample of the matches to confirm you like how you set up your matching criteria, the number of duplicates found, and the number of credits needed to complete the merge. If you need to purchase credits you will be able to from the preview screen.

How many people can use the tool, and do we share credits across our company?

DemandTools File edition can be shared across your teams with no user limits and credits are shared. Your administrator of the DemandTools account will be responsible for inviting and adding users and purchasing additional credits.

Be the guardian of your most valuable business asset.

Try it free today and stop duplicates from corrupting the accuracy of your data.

DemandTools File Features

DemandTools File Features