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Why Does Email Generate Strong ROI?

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Did you know the email channel is consistently top ranked for its return on marketing investment? The average email ROI is 38:1.

In the recently published DMA/Validity Marketer Email Tracker 2021, around 50% of marketers reported many of email’s key metrics have shown positive increases in the last 12 months, including mailable list size (51%), delivery rates (43%), open rates (48%), and click-through rates (46%). At the same time, two key negative metrics have experienced a decrease: opt-out rates (25%) and spam complaints (29%).

These stats aren’t a one-off – over the past three years, the proportion of marketers reporting improved deliverability/opens/clicks outrank those reporting declines by 4:1, and this feeds into the improved ROI the big majority are also reporting.

So, how can marketers match and exceed these benchmarks while also overcoming the complexities surrounding email ROI measurement? We asked Guy Hanson, Willliam Zhang, and TAL’s Mike Nixon to share their experiences and thoughts on this topic in our “Email ROI” webinar.

Here are a few key points:

  • • When calculating ROI, simple calculations don’t always tell the whole story and may be underestimating the effectiveness of your email campaigns.
  • • There are several tactics marketers can implement to help move the needle on their email campaign ROIs, such as marketing automation and channel optimisation.
  • • Also, don’t overlook the obvious – make sure your campaigns are set up to ensure maximum email deliverability.

You can discover all the insights that were shared by watching the full webinar below. To learn more about how to improve your email performance, reach out to us today to set up a demo.