The Main Culprits of Poor Deliverability

Many marketers don’t realize getting emails delivered involves more than just hitting send. But the fact is that one out of every five commercial emails never reaches the inbox. The deliverability landscape is changing, and it’s only getting harder to reach your subscribers’ inboxes. Inbox placement and deliverability impacts the success or failure of your email marketing program, and ultimately your email return on investment.

How do you know if you have a deliverability problem? The most prominent signs of a deliverability issue are a drop in engagement rates—like opens and clicks—or an increase in email bounces, as these can indicate a block at the ISP.

If you’re seeing either of these or simply suspect your email program could perform better than it is today, then keep reading! In this six-part blog post, we’ll take you through the five most common causes of deliverability issues and provide you with the resources you need to optimize your inbox placement.

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In part one, we talk about the first possible cause of poor deliverability, a negative sender reputation.

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