Email Benchmarking Report 2021

This DMA research establishes a strong foundation for analysing and enhancing your email programs' recent performance.

With the almost unprecedented events of 2020, email marketers were asked to think very differently about how they communicate with their customers, and many seemingly welcomed the challenge. Now we have the benchmark metrics to prove it, with this comprehensive DMA report based on cross-ESP data.

Despite these major upheavals, email reinforced its status as preferred marketing channel, generating strong delivery, open and click rates – despite the pressure of big increases in global volumes – and the report provides expert analysis of the year-on-year variances, and the underlying trends that have shaped them.

It also considers how changes in the privacy landscape will have a future impact on the usefulness of some metrics like opens, while increasing the importance of others like deliverability and click-throughs. Apple’s Tim Cook said “Privacy means people know what they’re signing up for.” Greater transparency around why personal data is collected, and how it will be used, will automatically move the needle for these metrics.
The Email Benchmarking 2021 report provides key insights into how email marketers can start achieving these shifts right now.