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The Business Cost of Poor Data Quality

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Whether you’ve heard it on the news, in the boardroom, or perhaps from a disappointed boss when campaign ROI didn’t meet projections, you know the business cost of poor data quality can be high in more ways than one. When data quality is poor, marketers can’t reach their intended audience, sales teams fail to reach their quotas, and leaders make business decisions based on inaccuracies.

Data Quality Issues are Far-Reaching

Sometimes the hits are to the company’s reputation; sometimes they’re to the bottom line. But poor data quality doesn’t have to reach epic proportions to cut into your competitive advantage.

Typos in address fields can lead to delays in shipping, customers complaining about missing orders, and bills going unpaid. Undeliverable email addresses waste marketing spend and skew campaign projections. And invalid phone numbers prevent prompt lead follow-up and customer engagement.

The business cost of poor data quality grows as bad data is left unaddressed. Ultimately, the situation reaches a point where it can’t be ignored. But with the tools and technology available today, it doesn’t have to be this way. And at Validity, we’re doing something about it.

A Welcome Approach to Customer Data Quality

You may already be familiar with Validity because you use our data cleansing powerhouse DemandTools or BriteVerify email verification solutions. But even if you’re new to Validity – perhaps because of our recent acquisitions of Return Path and GridBuddy – you’re probably noticing a common theme to our product development and acquisition strategies. We know businesses run better and grow faster with trustworthy data, and we’re providing industry-best data quality platforms to help them do it.

Powerful Data Quality Tools Yield Powerful Results

CRM software solutions like DemandTools, PeopleImport, and DupeBlocker help CRM admins and users keep customer data clean, standardized, and free of duplicates. Trust Assessments identify customer data quality issues, evaluate their impact on key business segments, and suggest a detailed plan for resolving them. Return Path analyzes a company’s sender reputation and the best ways to maximize deliverability and drive campaign ROI. And GridBuddy simplifies complex CRM processes and makes sales teams far more productive.

Extending the Value of Our Solutions

Since Validity acquired BriteVerify a little over a year ago, we’ve been working diligently to expand the platform. Our goal is to prevent even more contact data errors from entering or remaining in your databases. Thanks to new BriteVerify APIs, which can be used at the point-of-sale, on web lead forms, or anywhere you acquire contact data, you can now go beyond global email verification to:

  • Check the validity of phone numbers – Verify phone numbers in the US and Canada to streamline customer engagement and lead followup. Additionally, identify the service type (cell, landline, or VOIP) so you can make contact according to proper communication guidelines.
  • Verify physical addresses in the US – Leverage the USPS CASS™ certified database to validate physical addresses and help avoid failed mail or package deliveries.
  • Verify millions of records in bulk – Use the BriteVerify Bulk Verification API to quickly verify millions of email, phone, and address records all at once.

Let’s Prevent the Business Cost of Poor Data Quality Together

Poor data quality creates ripple effects that hurt the entire organization. As a result, businesses lose opportunities, operational efficiencies, and revenue. Instead, use industry-best solutions to verify contact data wherever it’s collected. Leverage email list verification solutions to ensure digital campaigns are ready to send. Prevent duplicate data from entering your database. And regularly clean and standardize your data to maximize its value. When you do this, you’ll give marketing, sales, and customer success teams the highest quality data to work with and accounting and leadership teams reason to smile.

Let us show you how we can help. Check out our solution suites, Validity for Email, Validity for Data Management, and Validity for Sales Productivity. Or, contact us today to learn more.

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