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Introducing the Validity Email Revenue Calculator 

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It’s a question as old as time: How much money can you really earn from your email program?  

Good news, number crunchers: We finally have an answer.  

Meet Validity’s brand-new Email Revenue Calculator. As inboxes get more crowded, subscriber expectations rise, and budgets tighten, senders can’t afford to play fast and loose with their email marketing investments.  

That’s why we’ve designed a tool to help marketers understand just how much they earn from the email channel—and how much more they could make by boosting their email deliverability (aka, by staying out of the spam folder). 

Show me the money!

On average, every dollar spent on email marketing returns $36 in revenue 

Curious to see how you stack up? Just enter a few quick details about your email program—the number of emails you send per month, your average open rate, things like that.  

Abracadabra! That’s when the magic happens.  

We’ll reveal your all-important monthly email revenue number. Fingers crossed for good news. 

And since nobody likes leaving money on the table, we’ll also reveal how much more money you could be making by boosting your email deliverability. 

Remember: Email deliverability is your ability to reach subscribers’ inboxes, instead of being filtered to the spam folder. If your emails go straight to the spam folder, any revenue they might’ve earned goes down the drain. 

Trying to show off your mad marketing skills to higher-ups? Need to make the case for a greater investment in your email program? Our calculator gives you the cold, hard facts you need to fuel these conversations.  

What’s the catch? 

Loot. Dough. Benjamins. Whatever you call your email revenue, chances are you’d like to make more of it.  

Our revenue calculator gives you the foundation you need to make the most of your marketing investment and boost your revenue, one email at a time.  

What’s the catch, you may ask? There are no strings attached. We’re just here to give marketers a leg up by sharing the insights we’ve gained from working with our customers. It’s a no-risk, high reward step towards a stronger email program. 

Ready to get started? Try it out for free today!