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Exciting Mail Updates From Yahoo—and What They Mean for Senders

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Yahoo continues to launch more great features for recipients and senders alike, following their major update of Yahoo Mail earlier this year. 

Just today, they announced some exciting news. Let’s take a look at their latest updates and what changes they’ll bring for email enthusiasts. 


We’re sure you’ve heard of “BIMI” (“BEE-mee”) by now: It stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification.  

BIMI enables consistent brand logo placement next to the name of the sender associated with an email in the inbox.  

Mailbox providers’ support for BIMI is growing. The list of providers that support this functionality now includes major players like Apple, Google, Yahoo and more.  

Yahoo sits on the BIMI working group and has been one of the foremost drivers and adopters of the technology.  

And in their newest release, they’re increasing the benefits even more for senders who implement BIMI.  

When senders implement BIMI, Yahoo mobile mail apps will now display a “verified checkmark” next to the sender’s address and logo. This indicates Yahoo has verified that the email was sent by the brand owning the logo shown.  

This is similar to the verified marks used on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. to indicate “verified accounts.” 

This move by Yahoo is good news for senders. When they implement BIMI, they’ll be able to use these colorful logos and their “verified” status to stand out from competitors even more! 

To learn more about BIMI, read our guide “Breaking Down BIMI: Brand Indicators for Message Identification”or visit 

(Validity customers can also contact their Validity representative for more information.) 

Receipts and package tracking  

Email is the centerpoint of most peoples’ online lives.  

It’s the place where we manage many of our important 1:1 connections and conversations.  

It’s also a central point point of our online shopping and digital services usage. This being the case, Yahoo has invested considerable resources into building features that help email recipients manage their mail for these purposes in an optimal way.  

Yahoo’s latest feature is a new Receipts View. This feature allows users to see receipts from all online orders and vendors in one place.  

This gives users an easy way to access receipts for returns and to better manage their spending by gaining insight into digital purchases. 

There’s even a new update to Yahoo’s Package Tracking Alerts. These alerts now appear at the top of inboxes for easy access to track shipments. Particularly ahead of the holiday shopping season, this is sure to receive positive reviews from users.  

Senders can organize their recipients and improve their experience at Yahoo by using the “Schema” standard in their email content.  

Schema technology allows senders to use specific data tags in their emails which Yahoo (and other mailbox providers) can use to better present the content to users. More info on Schema can be found in the Yahoo Sender Hub.  

One-tap unsubscribe  

Good senders know that keeping email recipients happy with expected, engaging content is critical.  

So, senders must make opting out as easy as possible to lessen the impact of user complaints from subscribers who are not connecting with their content.  

The sooner senders remove unhappy recipients from their lists, the better. Yahoo knows this, and their latest update helps users stop unwanted messaging easily with a new one-tap unsubscribe function. It’s an easy alternative to clicking the “spam” button, which should help Yahoo, senders, and their recipients all at once! 

We are proud partners with Yahoo (and many other major mailbox providers) and are always excited to see tools and features that benefit everyone using email.  

To read the full update and release by Yahoo on these great features and updates, head on over to Yahoo’s announcement