Certification for Mandated Mail

Ensure your important, time-sensitive messages make it to the inbox every time, without damaging your sender reputation.

What is Mandated Mail?

Mandated Mail is intended to communicate urgent, time-sensitive, or high-risk messages to a larger than normal audience, including people who might be suppressed or unsubscribed. Mandated Mail is different than regular marketing or transactional emails – it is used as a one-time notification to communicate information such as security breaches, product recalls, or critical updates.

Communicating important messages shouldn’t cost you your reputation.

Sending a large, one-time communication can wreak havoc on your sender reputation with increased bounces or complaints. With Certification for Mandated Mail, we make sure these messages make it to the inbox of your recipients while keeping your sender reputation intact.

Protect your email channel, without lifting a finger.

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Sender Certification Features

Sender Certification Features