A Dose of Better Emails!

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Email is an excellent ROI channel – if it reaches users’ inboxes, and that’s definitely not a given! Email marketers have more to juggle than ever: more data to analyse, more tools to manage, and more privacy regulations to observe.

On the flip side of the coin, consumers wield more power. Evolving preferences and priorities mean they are demanding greater personalization, and are more selective about what they engage with. The ever-louder voice of their social consciences also means that even with much greater price sensitivity, they aren’t prepared to sacrifice their principles, creating a difficult balancing act for brands.

We are joined by Sarah Hawkes, Senior MarTech Programme Manager at The Rank Group, Craig Hood, mail & SMS Lead, Global Channel Excellence at AstraZeneca and Carlota Iglesias Martinez, Senior Deliverability Consultant at Adobe who understand this challenge better than most. The Rank Group’s commitment to safer gambling means providing an offering that is exciting and entertaining, but that is also safe, fair, and delivered responsibly. AstraZeneca focuses on delivering life-changing medicines that fuel growth and contribute value to patients and society.

To achieve this, joined-up technology is essential – precisely why these world-class senders have connected Validity Everest and Adobe Campaign to provides the data, tooling, and services they need to manage the health of their email programs (and their customers).

In our conversation, we’ll explore:

  • How they prepare, launch, and measure highly-personalized and socially aware campaigns at scale.
  • The deliverability guidance that helps them reach more customers and increase their engagement.
  • Why expert support provides a natural extension of their own teams to help elevate their email programs to the next level