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Let's start with some background: when was the first-ever email sent?(Required)
Which type of spam trap is most dangerous to a sender’s deliverability?(Required)
Which subscriber action does NOT affect sender reputation?(Required)
What percentage of emails never reach subscribers’ inboxes?(Required)
Which traditional email metric has been inflated by Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection?(Required)
What are the three major email authentication protocols?(Required)
Where should you put your unsubscribe button to minimize subscriber complaints?(Required)
What is the maximum length for subject line text?(Required)
Which is the most commonly used email service provider?(Required)
In the email address 'info@validity.com', what is the section to the RIGHT of the @ symbol called?(Required)
Many senders are now using zero-party data to deliver more advanced email personalization. What is an example of zero-party data?(Required)
Which one of the following actions is most likely to land you on a blocklist?(Required)
BIMI is one of the hottest specifications for emails and allows senders to display their logo next to their emails in subscribers’ inboxes. What does BIMI stand for?(Required)
What does email deliverability measure? (Hint: This isn’t the same as delivery.)(Required)
Which of the following would cause an email to bounce?(Required)