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Backup Capabilities in DemandTools

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As anyone who works with Salesforce data can attest, having a data backup and recovery strategy as part of your overall customer data quality process is essential. Even the best, most experienced CRM admins can accidentally make a mistake that needs to be corrected, or run into an unexpected outcome during a data management process that needs to be reversed.

DemandTools, which was designed with multiple modules to help you manage your data – duplicates, standardization, record assignments, lead processing, and more – includes a BulkBackup module for this very purpose. BulkBackup can be used for:

  • Backups of the entire database
  • Backups of selected objects in the database

On-Demand Backups

One of the reasons BulkBackup is so popular with admins is it rounds out the data quality achieved with DemandTools by allowing users to copy their data when they need to, as often as they need to. Because the backup module provides unlimited, on-demand backups of Salesforce data, users who are manipulating Salesforce data can ensure they always have a current backup of data if something goes wrong and changes need to be reversed.

Having backup capabilities built into DemandTools also provides a value-add beyond the native tools in Salesforce. Backups from Salesforce are available, but at a premium (some manual backup options are available, but starting July 31, 2020, Salesforce will be retiring its data backup recovery services). With backup included, DemandTools helps users have more control over their data and backup procedures, while also decreasing possible spend. This can be especially important for smaller businesses or any business operating on a tight budget, as an all-in-one-tool like DemandTools provides a way to ensure their data is managed properly without the need for additional solutions and costs to achieve Salesforce data quality.

See It For Yourself

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