The Ultimate Email Marketing Toolkit

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To take your email program to the next level (and stay a step ahead of hungry competitors), get your Ultimate Email Marketing Toolkit.

Heads up email senders: old engagement tactics, ho-hum content, and outdated performance metrics just don’t cut it in today’s landscape.

Stay ahead of the curve with our Ultimate Email Marketing Toolkit.

This all-in-one kit provides expert guidance to master email’s latest challenges.

What’s inside:

Webinar: Google Talks About the New Gmail Sender Requirements

Gmail and Yahoo’s announcement of new bulk sender requirements was news that echoed throughout the email marketing world. Is your program compliant? Learn the nuances of these guidelines directly from the source: Ebenezer Anjorin, Lead Product Manager at Google!


Checklist: Preparing for Takeoff: The Email Marketer’s Pre-flight Checklist

Are your campaigns ready for takeoff? This comprehensive pre-send checklist will help ready your campaigns for flight and minimize turbulence on the way to the inbox with tips for timing, list validation, subject lines, and more.


Infographic: The Road to the Inbox: How to Fast-Track Your Emails to the Finish Line

You work hard crafting perfect emails, but numerous obstacles block their path to the inbox. Cross the finish line by learning how to navigate roadblocks like filtering algorithms, spam traps, blocklists, and more.