The Future of Your Email Inbox – 2024 Predictions

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A new year brings new email trends!

Working in a constantly evolving industry requires keeping a finger on the pulse. This is especially true following an eventful year of AI updates, BIMI advancements, Apple’s Link Tracking Protection, and record email volumes. Are you prepared for a brand-new set of email marketing challenges in 2024, and what shape will they take? Guy Hanson, VP of Customer Engagement, was the guest speaker at MarketingProfs’ Friday Forum and spoke about the emerging email trends we’ll see in 2024 – and how to prepare for the future of deliverability!

Watch this on-demand session to learn about:

  • Keeping up with AI’s growing role in the email marketing space
  • Staying compliant with Gmail and Yahoo’s new sender requirements
  • Balancing emerging“ must-have” email technologies with new legal guidelines